Charles Taylor

Tattoo Artist

Hey my name is Charles Taylor, I was born in Phoenix, Arizona. I started my tattooing journey in 2012 and have been tattooing for 8 years. I specialize in neo-tradition, traditional, illustrative, and geo/mehndi work. Over the years of tattooing I have evolved as an artist and person and have made many strong connections through my art and thrive on wanting to make more.

My goal as a tattoo artist is to make my clients feel at home when they get tattooed and to portray there ideas into beautiful works of art on their skin. While I’m not tattooing I’m doing art whether it be painting, sculpting, graphite, or digital I’m always creating.

Outside of that I’m just a normal guy that like to bmx, hang out with friends and family, and have a good time! So I invite you in to check out my art work and feel free to make a new connection!